Now that my last research paper on Smart Meters is being proof read before being sent off to the Publishers, I have quite a lot of reading to catch up on. Am mulling over a seminar at the Law School on Legal and Moral Issues Raised by Military Drones. Two items of work have caught my eye: Steve Fuller's book on Humanity 2.0 and Ian Kerr's excellent Keynote. You may well wonder how Fuller's vision links with Kerr's article, and Peter-Paul's work. I think there is something about the "technological condition" we appear to be faced with. Sort of vita activa/vita contemplativa in the age of algorithms with regard to Military Drones and International Humanitarian Law. My virtual friends (I hope) are also highlighting how antedeluvian my thinking/reflection has been - so, it is a real challenge to use the blog to put into operation their nuggets of wisdom.