Innovation Risk: Genome Sequencing and *Techne*

The area of genomic testing provides considerable opportunities for innovation - imagine a world where personalised healthcare that includes efficient, affordable and reliable genomic testing toolkits integrated into the smart phone. Full genome sequencing can provide a pathway to preemptive health intervention. If we can harnessing computing capacities there is avenue for developing applications in a wide range of areas such as assessing genetic compatibility and even establishing paternity. Privacy concerns are not far behind. In Learning your identity and disease from research papers: information leaks in genome wide association study the research highlights how raw DNA sequences can be reconstructed from published statistics and sharing of genetic datasets. The article, GenoDroid: Are Privacy-Preserving Genomic Tests Ready for Prime Time? highlights the value of turning to design based solutions when using smart phones to undertake computational genomic tests. It appears to be an interesting research - in the sense of utilising computation resources for paternity, genetic ancestry and personalised medicine. Background information can be found in The Chills and Thrills of Whole Genome Sequencing